Innovation drives development, quality is brilliant!

Date:2019-07-20    Visitors:3    Author:admin
On August 18th, the delegation of the “National People’s Congress Representatives Visiting High-tech Enterprise Symposium” led by Secretary of the Township Committee of Qishi Township, Mr. Chen Fukun, visited the New Hope Guide!Thanks to our customers and government leaders for their support and love for Xinwang! Thank you for your way to the leading companies in the industry!
In the past 30 years, Chinese companies have relied mainly on arbitrage, but arbitrage has not much room for surplus, so future growth and development will be driven by innovation. It can be expected that the next 20 years will be an important period for global manufacturing innovation, major change and major adjustment. Machine life and life machine are the inevitable development of the manufacturing industry! Today, we understand the truth. No matter how science and technology develop and break through, we must combine it with “tools” to truly bring about social change. This round is fully integrated with the new generation of information technology, intelligent manufacturing technology and new material technology. The development of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry with advanced technology will really cause an industrial revolution.

From 1887 to today, "Made in Germany" has gone through 128 years. The Germans have always been proud of and proud of “Made in Germany” and are full of confidence in the high quality of German products. But who can think that more than a hundred years ago, "Made in Germany" was a sign of counterfeiting, a shameful mark on the forehead of the Germans? It is believed that the industrious and wise Chinese will not be able to make a qualitative leap in "Made in China". Our new people always believe that the country is developing and the society is making progress. As long as we work diligently, we will have a future that we can look forward to! Moreover, we can contribute to the building of the country and do our utmost for the revival and development of our national industry. This is not only our responsibility, but also our great honour!