Thoughts on upgrading and upgrading of adhesive tape slitting equipment

Date:2019-07-20    Visitors:2    Author:admin
As the market demands higher and higher requirements for the appearance and performance of products, and because the costs of labor, factory rent, and standard management are also higher and higher, users' expectations for processing equipment continue to put forward new requirements. The demand for high-precision, intelligent and automatic is also increasing day by day. The following is an analysis of the upgrading of ordinary striping equipment:
First, the drawbacks of the traditional slitter
1, the reel lock structure
The traditional slitting machine lock head structure has various kinds, but because it is not wear-resistant, the upper and lower shafts are inconvenient and directly lead to unstable product quality, and it is easy to cause irregular winding and paper tube edge, and also affect work efficiency. And increase a lot of maintenance and maintenance costs.
2. The tension adjustment of the take-up reel is only adjusted by the compression spring of the take-up shaft. It is difficult to make different tightness products for different customer requirements, and it is not conducive to the high-speed operation of large-code products.
3, the edge is easy to break and refuel frequently
4, the speed is not high, the efficiency is relatively low
5, manual labeling labor intensity
6, the noise is large, affecting the work and the surrounding environment
Second, the main parameters of the slitter after the upgrade:
1. Xinwang Company has carried out in-depth research and improvement on the ordinary striping machine of adhesive tape. Now XW-210-2 and XW-210-8 (both have applied for utility models and invention patents) are two slitting machines. The performance comparison list of the traditional slitter gives you a reference:

2. Introduction of XW-210-2 BOPP Slitting Machine:

This machine is suitable for the striping operation of various adhesive tapes. The main advantages are as follows:
(1) Eliminating the axial clearance of the reel to the left and right, and never wearing, ensuring the flatness of the finished end face;
(2) There is no need to unlock and lock the upper and lower reels, which reduces the labor intensity;
(3) High efficiency, up to 260m/min, high speed (200m/min) for large-size material striping;
3. Introduction of XW-210-8 BOPP Slitting Machine:

This machine is specially designed for the stripping operation of BOPP sealing tape, stationery adhesive tape and other materials. It has carried out technical innovations on the speed and noise of the traditional slitting machine structure, and has increased the electric displacement of raw materials, raw material silencer cover, Automatic labeling, pneumatic support for winding shaft, winding-type winding waste, nearly double the working speed, and automatic control of the module not only ensure product quality, reduce noise pollution of the machine and labor intensity of the workers, but also greatly increase work productivity.