Xinwang Machinery was rated as AAA “Biaoliang” Enterprise

Date:2019-07-18    Visitors:1    Author:admin
On December 24, 2013, Dongguan Xinwang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully passed the evaluation of the Standardization Good Behavior Enterprise Expert Group and was rated as the AAA “Baoliang” enterprise, which laid the management foundation for the leap-forward development of Xinwang Machinery.

The members of the expert panel review include: Feng Shangbin, senior engineer of the WTO/TBT Advisory and Research Center of Guangdong Province, Dong Wenfang, deputy director, engineer Ye Min, quality engineer of Guangdong Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, Liu Qiang, and Dongguan Quality and Technical Supervision Standards and Code Group Lai Yan.

The expert group listened carefully to the report on the creation of the Xinliang company's standard system, reviewed and reviewed the Xinwangbiaoliang system documents and system implementation records, and visited the production workshop and conducted detailed on-site audits. After the review of the expert group, Xinwang finally won the AAA-level “Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise” with high scores, and became the only good enterprise in the enterprise.