Xinwang company automatic slitting machine test machine site

Date:2019-07-20    Visitors:2    Author:admin
In order to meet the needs of the development of BOPP slitting machine market at home and abroad, Xinwang Company combines international advanced technology from project establishment, mechanical design, process flow, electrical control, software engineering to repeated test machine. After more than two years of independent research and development, it has independently developed and produced new products. A generation of luxury BOPP automatic slitting machine, welcome to the industry to review and guide.

XW-216-6 luxury automatic slitting machine key technology: speed 350m / min, left and right open door silencer cover, hydraulic guide rail type shaftless feeding, raw material electric left and right shift, non-stop automatic labeling, servo micro tension control , winding-type waste collection structure, PLC program control, automatic film cutting, automatic loading and unloading, automatic loading and unloading of double-station winding, luxury full-closed operation. Automatic packaging systems such as cylindrical, plate-shaped, and individual independent labeling can be added according to customer needs.