BTV Youth patriotic professional writer Luo Yonghui special

Date:2019-07-20    Visitors:2    Author:admin
                                                          Expressing the heart of dreams, singing patriotism

"Special patriotic professional writer Luo Yonghui" was broadcasted on June 24, 2018 in the "New Songs" section of Beijing TV Youth Channel (BTV Youth). The program was watched: "The Oriental Lion" lyricist Luo Yonghui and famous singer Yang Hongji I met for the first time and talked about the patriotic feelings; the author Luo Yonghui and his friends tacitly tested; Luo Yonghui collided with Liu’s soul to light the lights on the road of dreams; Liu Zun joined hands with Yang Hongji, Wang Zhengzheng, Guo Jinyu and Wen Liqun to sing patriotic feelings.

The program broadcasted six songs including "Oriental Lion", "A Wish", "Toasting Together" and "Beauty of China" written by Chairman Luo Yonghui of Dongguan Xinwang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., and Yang Hongji and Wang Zhengzheng. Liu Zun, Guo Jinyu, Wen Liqun and other singers performed in a show.